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Appendix R – Installation of Lockdown Browser on iPad

Installation of Lockdown Browser on iPad is a crucial step that would allow to protect the integrity and validity of online exams conducted in FastTest. Browser Respondus Inc. (WebLock) is a special program that locks down an iPad while you take a test, so that you cannot surf for answers on the internet, or take screenshots of secure exam content.

You must download LockDown Browser Respondus Inc. (WebLock) before you take the exam, if your sponsor has required it.  You can uninstall it as soon as you are done.

LockDown Browser Respondus Inc. (WebLock) is available on the AppStore.

1. Download LockDown Browser Respondus Inc. (WebLock) from the AppStore.

Installation of Lockdown Browser on iPad Logo

2. Select Open

3. Select Institution messageif there are no Institutions listed open a new browser.

Select Institution while Installing Lockdown Browser on iPad

4. Open a new Browser

Home iPad

5. Enter the Examinee login page

and put in the Test Code

Figure 7.4 Testing Login Page

6. Click on Log in

7. Select Step 2 – Launch WebLock

Launch WebLock While Installing Lockdown Browser on iPad

8. Open in “LockDown”? – Select Open

Open Lockdown

9. Confirm the App Self-Lock – Select Yes to Confirm

Confirm App Self Lock

10. The test will launch, at the end of the test, do not forget to click on “I Am Done” button.

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