Online Testing Software for Certification and Educational Assessment

Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) is a modern AI-based approach to delivering exams that are shorter, more engaging, and more secure. We make it easy to convert existing exams to an adaptive format, or empower you to do so on your own.

online testing software

Modern Psychometrics, Simplified

Our online testing software helps you implement best practices in psychometrics!


  • Smarter, shorter tests with computerized adaptive testing (CAT)
  • Increase security with linear-on-the-fly testing (LOFT)
  • Automatically produce exam validity reports with statistical analysis using classical test theory
  • Implement item response theory for item banking, test assembly, delivery, and scoring.

Improve reliability, validity, and engagement

Computerized adaptive testing is scientifically-developed with a host of well-known benefits. Exams are shorter, which can drastically reduce delivery costs and time away from instruction. Because each examinee receives a unique test, it is far more secure than a single linear exam. Examinees stay more engaged because they receive a test that is perfectly tailored for them. And that’s just the start!

Maintain security with online testing

Configure your test settings to ensure the right level of security for your exam.


  • Time limits (test, section, battery)
  • Language
  • Navigation
  • Re-entry
  • Lockdown browser
  • Remote proctoring
  • Proctor codes
  • Examinee passwords
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