Item Banking Software for Professionals

Item Banking is an essential process of all high-quality exams. FastTest makes it easy to author items, store metadata, implement a review workflow, assign items to experts, gather their input, and manage the process. Export your items for paper delivery, QTI for another vendor, or deliver securely with FastTest.


Create review fields and gather expert input

Start by specifying the stages of review and creating the fields you want for input. Then assign items to users, complete with email notifications and due dates, then let them log in to our easy-to-use interface to see the items and create their review. When done, you can export the results or automatically move items onward, saving valuable time.

Simplify your item banking with the cloud

The entire purpose of the item banking process is to facilitate collaboration in producing quality content with extensive evidence of validity. This sometimes happens in live meetings, but can also be just as effective virtually with FastTest… saving you the massive expense of flying your experts into a hotel twice a year.

Powerful software to reduce test development costs

Our remote item authoring system is specifically designed to facilitate the development of large, high-quality banks of test items via a collaborative cloud-based platform. 

      • Administrators can create users with a range of role-based access as well as limiting users to certain content areas
      • Item writers can easily log in from anywhere to author items
      • Choose from dozens of item response types & formats
      • Manage a bank of assets (images, video files, audio files, and reading passages) and easily insert into items
      • Administrators can assign items to people and statuses with advanced workflow management
      • Users can review, edit, and comment directly in the WYSIWYG item editor
      • Assign items to content hierarchy
      • Require input from users, such as Angoff ratings for cutscore studies, with our customizable item review module

Each item is stored with a wealth of metadata needed for development of valid test questions.


    1. Information: Keywords, description, author, status, date created, source… or define your own custom fields.
    2. Content: Enter the test question with complete rich text formatting, equation editor, and audio/video/images/passages.
    3. Statistics: Classical, item response theory, and your own statistics
    4. Comments: Any other information, or comments by reviewers, with a timestamp
    5. Review: Results stored from the item review module, such as Angoff ratings and reviewer approvals
    6. Objectives: The objectives of the blueprint category are available for item writers