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Appendix Q – FastTest Product Updates

This Appendix lists and details all recent FastTest Product Updates, along with their corresponding dates.

Version: v3.80.21 – 03rd Apr 2024


  • Desomos Scientific Calculator
  • Restrict examinee to download audio video from test-delivery
  • Add Date and Time submitted column in the Examinee Data Report
  • AIG in FastTest

Version: v3.80.20 – 26th Mar 2024


  • New Item Type – Drawing item that saves the graphic for teacher scoring
  • Update examinee score api to fetch results based on testcode/external ID 

Version: v3.80.19 – 28th Feb 2024


  • Support French Language in FastTest
  • Do not allow to save rubrics if scores are empty

Version: v3.80.18 – 14th Feb 2024


  • Multistage tests: Multiple levels in Stage and multiple tests in a level

Version: v3.80.17 – 31st Jan 2024


  • Show validation when user tries to login into expired Workspace

Version: v3.80.16 – 15th Jan 2024


  • Testlet capability in Test section
  • Allow Test scheduler role to access sub-WS schedules
  • Enemy Items in CAT

Version: v3.80.16 – 20th Dec 2023


  • Section Tools – Allow the highlighter tool in MCQ items
  • Spoken response item types

Version: v3.80.15 – 4th Dec 2023


  • LOFT Exam does not permit the delivery of enemy items.
  • Adding the % to the calculator tool

Version: v3.80.14 – 23rd Nov 2023


  • Implement Health check for Test engine – RIAK/REDIS connection

Version: v3.80.13 – 09th Nov 2023


  • Unique key identifier for GTC (MOE)

Version: v3.80.12 – 25th Oct 2023 


  • Multi-test and multistage sessions should concatenate horizontally

Version: v3.80.11 – 16th Oct 2023 


  • Check for ADOBE FLASH label/text in the whole application on production 

Version: v3.80.09 – 25th Sept 2023


  • Email column added to the Examinee Data report
  • GTC column added at the end of the Examinee Data report 

Version: v3.80.09 – 18th Sept 2023


  • System Requirement checks for Headphone, Microphone, and Arabic Inputs before login in the Test 
  • Allow CAT test in Stage 1 
  • Instructional items unnumbered in Test Assembler 
  • Option / Distractor Statistics on the Statistics tab of the item editor

Version: v3.80.08 – 05th Sept 2023


  • Group test code column added in Examinee Data report 

Version: v3.80.08 – 27th Aug 2023


  • Essay rubric scores in Gradebook
  • Gradebook – Add Median score in Test Results by Section, and Teacher Subscores reports 
  • Gradebook – Report that shows correct/incorrect for each student by item with standards, student responses, and item preview
  • Gradebook – Always show the overall exam score first in the roster reports 
  • Test Delivery – Tabs for multiple assets in a question set
  • Essay Marking – Ability to go back through all essay responses and change scores (not just back one response)
  • Section Tools – Screen Reader with pause and ability to indicate which text can be read aloud 
  • Section Tools – Answer choice eliminator
  • Section Tools – Copy/Paste from passage to response
  • New section tool – Notepad that persists across items
  • Section Tools – Highlighting in a passage that persists across items – Enhancements

Version: v3.80.07 – 05th July 2023


  • Make it easier to place Drag & Drop answer choices for text boxes 
  • Essay Marking – Search by name or ID in scored essay responses in addition to test code
  • Gradebook – District report that shows all teachers for a test that can be sorted (ranking) by mean or median
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