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Appendix L – Constructor Integration User Manual

1. Add the Constructor URL at workspace level configuration.

The URL to use is:

Edit Workspace Configuration - Constructor Integration User Manual

2. Select Remote Proctor. This will be either Constructor With Respondus or Constructor Without Respondus.

Choose a Proctor

Dates are mandatory here:

Choose a Proctor - Dates Are Mandatory

“Enforce time limit” is required for Constructor-proctored exams:

Enforcing Time Limit - Constructor Integration User Manual

 3. After registration of examinee, you can see Constructor URL for the registered examinee in Test Scheduler tab, under ‘Constructor URL’ column.

Constructor URL - Constructor Integration User Manual

4. To get the entire URL, export the ‘Examinee-Data’ report for the target examinees.  You can then provide the URLs to examinees, such as via email or mail merge. You can also copy from the Edit Examinee dialog.

5. Directly hit Constructor URL in browser to give the test. At the end of test, scoring will be updated in the system but status will be shown as ‘in Review’.

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