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Test Sessions, Online Tests, Demographics Forms

The Test Session Builder is found on the Test Assembler tab, and accessed by clicking the “More” drop down menu and selecting “Test Session Builder.” Unlike other dialogs in FastTest, the Test Session Builder opens in a new browser window, but it can be closed like other dialogs. It is built using a new style of interface that the rest of the application will be transitioned to over time. This new style eschews dialogs in favor of transitioning, full page layouts.

Figure 5.1: Test Session Builder

Test Session Builder

To deliver a test online, it must first be put into a test session. A test session represents the examinee’s online test taking experience from the moment the examinee sits down at the computer to the moment the examinee is completed.

Test Session Components

Test sessions are made up of test session components; the most important test session component is the online test. The examinee is presented with each component and completes them in the order that they are defined in the test session.

  • Currently, FastTest offers two different test session components: the online test and the demographics form.

Online Tests

An online test is simply a test paired with online delivery options. Online tests are automatically created alongside tests in the Test Assembler.

  • See the Online Delivery Tab, the Scoring Tab, and the Results Reporting Tab in the test editor for more information about the options.
  • Test sections also have online delivery options that are associated with an online test.
    • See the Online Delivery Tab of the test section editor for more information about online delivery options in a test section.

By creating a test session that consists of multiple components (i.e. tests), examinees can now be scheduled for a test session and given one test code that is used for all of the tests included in the test session.

Note: Under the Test Scheduler tab, one line will be designated for each separate test, however, each test will have the same test code, as shown below. This allows for each test’s results within the test session to remain separate.

Test Code

Demographics Forms

A demographics form is a list of demographic fields that can be presented to an examinee as part of a test session. The information collected by this form is tied to the examinee as a person rather than with the specific instance of the examinee’s test session.

Currently, the only way to create a demographics form is through Edit Test Options in the Test Assembler. See Chapter 4E: Demographics Tab for more information.

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