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Enemy Items

*Enemy Items are any two or more items that should not appear on the same test form. These items may address the same material, or one may provide clues about the answer to another item. 

To set up Enemy Items all items must must be saved in FastTest:

  • Highlight the first item and Right Click
  • From the dropdown Menu then select Edit Enemy Items.
FastTest Edit Enemy Items

The following menu will display:

FastTest Edit Enemy Items Dialog
  • Click and drag any Enemy Item(s) to the window on the right hand side of the screen.  

Note: Items can have multiple Enemy Items.

FastTest Edit Dialog Enemies

Select Close once all Enemy Items have been selected.

Viewing Enemy Items

To view the Enemy Items of an Item:

  • Select the Item
  • Select the Information Tab
  • Select The Enemy Items Button
FT Info Tab
FT Enemy Items Button
  • All Enemy Items will be displayed
FT Info Tab Dialog

Note: Reciprocal Enemy Items will automatically be assigned to the corresponding items.

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