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Appendix G – User FAQ

  • How do I enter a new item? Import existing items? Select the category or bank in which you want the new item, then right-click on it and select “New Item”. You can also click the “New” button above the folder window. To import existing items, click the “Import” button.
  • I have my items entered. How do I build a test? Click on the “Test Assembler” tab and create a new test. Click “Edit” and then “Edit items,” and you will be presented with a list of items currently on the test (blank if the test is new). You can then return to the Item Explorer tab to find the items you need, and then click the green “Add Item” button to add items to the test. Begin by searching for items based on classical statistics or IRT parameters. Evaluate item response (or information) functions before assembling test forms. While assembling test forms, evaluate important information such as estimated mean, standard deviation, and reliability (if classical) or test information function and conditional standard error of measurement (if IRT). Tests built with such procedures will be more defensible and more accurate than tests built with other bankers without this information.
  • I have built a test. How do I schedule a new examinee to take the test? To enter a new examinee, in the Test Scheduler tab click “New” and then “New examinee.” You will have the choice of directly entering information for a single person or uploading a list. You can then choose to automatically send an email message to the examinee with instructions and the login key that will deliver the test.
  • I have tests built and my examinees have been uploaded. How do the examinees now take the test? You can select any examinee group or individual examinee in the Test Scheduler tab, then right-click and select “Email keys.” This will email the key codes necessary to log in and take the test. Note that these will be sent to the email address that is recorded for an examinee, so if you want all the keys sent to a teacher or proctor, make sure that their email address is recorded, not the student’s address!
  • Examinees have taken the test. How do I access results? In the Test Scheduler tab, select a group of examinees or an individual examinee, then right-click and select “Export results” to see a list of summary results. This spreadsheet is also ideal for uploading to other software, such as a certification management system. If you want the responses to each item for analysis in advanced psychometric software like Iteman 4 or Xcalibre 4, right-click and select “Export responses.”
  • How do I analyze my test for reliability and validity? A Test and Item Analysis Report is available in the Reports Manager, and will provide the text of all your items, with the relevant statistics (P and Rpbis) listed in line with the text for easy interpretation.
  • Examinees are not able to start tests with WebLock.Our secure WebLock browser for test delivery will only work when there is no software running that is a security liability. Please make sure all programs are closed, even programs in the system tray.
  • How do I create a new user account? (Administrators only) If you are an account administrator and need to create a new user (item writer, test manager, etc.), click the “New User” button above the list of current users in a workspace, which is visible when you highlight a workspace in the administrator screen.
  • What do I do if I have technical problems? If you encounter any other issues, please read the relevant section of the manual. For error messages or any other technical problems, please contact:
  • I would like in-person training or support with FastTest; who should I contact?Email; in-person training or support is billed at $100 per hour in half-hour increments.
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