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Reordering Items

There are two ways to reorder the items in your test – manually or during online delivery.

  • Manually
    • Start by making the first version of the test as you normally would.
    • After you have the items in the order you want them for the first version of the test, save that test under another name of your choice (e.g., My Test, Form B).
      • To do this, right-click on a test and select Save Test As.
    • Then open the second version, click the Scramble button, and save that version of the test.
    • Test Sections can be scrambled relative to other test sections and items within test sections can be scrambled.
    • Test Sections can be marked as fixed so that they do not change position when a test is scrambled.
      • Note: Instructional items will always remain fixed.
    • Repeat this process as many times as you like for any test to create any number of scrambled alternate forms.
    • You can also manually move the items up and down in position to scramble.
      • Moving items manually can be done by drag-and-drop in the test item list when the test is open for editing, or by selecting an item and then using the Move button (or right click menu).
  • Online Delivery
    • To randomly scramble the item order for each examinee during online delivery, change the Item Order drop-down menu on the Delivery tab of the Edit Test Section Dialog.
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